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Leviathan Corporation is a trade finance and supply solutions company that adds color to a once thought, black, white and sometimes gray world of international lending. Leviathan Corporation's open, constant, colorful communication with our family of clients allows us to work together intimately growing as one.

Leviathan truly believes in listening to our clients' desires to grow and expand and realize their market potential, while simultaneouly fomulating the sensible finance and supply solution making every transactions a reality. Committed to the principle that communication remains the key to success.

Committed to the principle that communication remains the key to success, Leviathan made the investment in their clients by opening fully owned offices in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Leviathan provides full time staff support to work with client and agents first hand to successfully help craft the perfect solution to grow their business and assure proper execution of all transactions.

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Leviathan has been recognized as one of the fastest growing privately held businesses in America, according to 2007 Inc. 500 List. This is the achievement that would not be possible without our partners and clients.